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A typical electrical system has a number of important components. However, most of these parts are hidden away out of view. In fact, there really are only two different components of our electrical system that we interact with on a daily basis: our outlets and switches.

Outlets are the gateways through which we obtain electrical energy, and switches allow us to turn those gateways or other electrically-powered objects on or off. Both are so common that we likely don’t think about them all that often, but even a small problem with either could turn into a serious issue if it isn’t addressed correctly.

If you want to provide your home or business with professional and reliable electrical service, look no further than the experts at Discount Service Electric.

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Outlet Repairs

Over time, electrical outlets will wear out. Inside each of the two larger “slot” holes of each outlet are two metal strips that are designed to grab and hold the prongs of anything you plug in to secure it in place while also transferring electrical energy. These strips will eventually corrode and wear out, or bend away, resulting in outlets that are loose or simply don’t work at all. Whether this is the source of your problem or your outlets or your problems come from some other cause, Discount Service Electric is the name to turn to.

4 Signs You Need Outlet Repair

  • Burning Odor - 
    If you notice a burning smell coming from within your home, it could be that your electrical wiring behind the outlet is arcing and the electricity is melting some of the plastic from the outlet. If you smell burning odors, don't wait to give us a call for expert Murrieta outlet repair.
  • Unusual Noises - 
    Strange noises coming from your outlets may mean that your outlet or switch has a defective component somewhere in the electrical system. Cracking, clicking, buzzing or sizzling are all noises that should let you know to seek out professional electrical repair.
  • Sparking - 
    It's normal to see a small spark when you plug something into your outlet. But, if you notice a very big spark, this could be due to a wiring problem with your connections. It could be from water damage or possibly even from some frayed wiring.
  • Flickering Lights - 
    Are your light fixtures dimming frequently or flickering even though you know that you recently replaced the bulbs? Flickering lights could be several different problems, from faulty switches or outlets to overloaded circuits.

We offer outlet repair that keeps your home’s electrical connections safe and reliable. In addition, we also offer outlet upgrades that allow you to use your repair service to upgrade your home with new features like USB charging ports, safety lights, and so much more.

New Outlet Installation

Installing new electrical outlets is a job that’s best left to a professional. There may very well come a time where you need to install a new outlet somewhere in your home, either because there isn’t one present where you need it or because you need to move an outlet to somewhere that is more convenient. You might even need to install a new high-voltage line to accommodate a new appliance. Whatever type of new outlet you need, Discount Service Electric will get the job done.

Switch Replacement & Installation

While outlets are the key to accessing electrical power, switches make controlling the flow of power easy and convenient. Switches work by completing a circuit to turn a device on, and then breaking the circuit to turn it off, thus halting the flow of electrical energy. This action does contribute to wear and tear, and switches will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. If you hear a high-pitched ringing noise coming from a switch, or if a switch feels warm to the touch, then it’s time to call Discount Service Electric to schedule a switch replacement.

Discount Service Electric can also complete switch upgrades or new switch installation services. Wiring a switch properly requires considerable skill and expertise as well as the right tools to properly run wires to where you would like your switch to be located. Our crew will complete your new switch installation project quickly and correctly, allowing you to take control of your lights, fans, and other devices throughout your home.

The Discount Service Electric Difference

For nearly 40 years, Discount Service Electric has been the name customers have turned to for superior electrical service solutions. If you’re looking for a combination of locally-based, friendly technicians and world-class customer care, nobody can match the great experience we offer. When it comes to outlets and switches, we can handle anything you need. From fixing your old outlets to installing new outlets to total electrical system overhauls, no project is too big for us to handle or too small for us to give our full and undivided attention. You’ll never pay more when you turn to us, either: we guarantee low prices and stand by our work for your full and complete confidence. We even serve commercial customers, offering fast and effective switch and outlet solutions that work with your business and keep everything moving smoothly.

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