Whole House Fans

Whole House Fan Installation in Murrieta, CA

Improve Home Comfort & Ventilation

Whole house-fans offer improvements in comfort, ventilation, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality. Discount Service Electric is a certified contractor for QuietCool whole-house fans in Murrieta, Temecula, Wildomar, and the surrounding areas. We have extensive knowledge of the products and installation process to help you find the perfect solution for your home.

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Benefits Of A Whole House Fan

Many homes use whole-house fans, also known as attic fans, to improve ventilation and reduce home cooling costs. QuietCool fans feature innovative designs for advanced ventilation and cooling. These systems use less energy than traditional whole-house fans or air conditioners to pull cooler air from outside your home to the inside.

QuietCool Whole-House Fans Offer Benefits That Include:

  • Improved ventilation
  • Reduced air conditioner run time
  • Elimination of pet odors
  • Reduced odors, smoke, gases, and humidity levels
  • Prevention of mold and mildew growth
  • Quiet operation

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How Does A Whole House Fan Work?

These whole-house fans are easy to operate. Simply turn on the fan and open the windows in the evenings when the temperature is naturally cooler. The fan vents the hot air through the attic and out of your home, while providing cross breezes to ventilate your home and keep it cool the next day. We offer the best quality products and installation service for whole-house fans in Murrieta with upfront pricing and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Where Should You Install A Whole House Fan?

The best location to install a whole house fan is in the floor of your attic above a central area such as your stairs or main hallway. If your house does not have an attic, you can place the exhaust in a crawlspace or garage. Either way, there should be plenty of clearance for the equipment and enough ventilation to exhaust the air.

What Does A Whole House Fan Installation Involve?

After tracing a template to mark your ceiling or wall, your Murrieta electrician will cut out the existing drywall using a jigsaw or similar tool to create the opening. The damper box will be set over the cutout and mounted to the ceiling joists with the grille placed over top. Nylon straps connected to a rafter will be used to hang both the duct and motor housing. To help prevent your whole house fan from moving or blown-in insulation, the motor housing will be slightly tilted towards the roof.

How To Size A Whole House Fan

Having a properly sized whole house attic fan installed in your Murrieta home is imperative for optimal performance. A professional electrician will be able to determine the correct sizing needed based on the square footage of your property, the CFM (cubic feet per minute) of the attic fan, and the height of your ceilings. The expert team at Discount Service Electric will be able to assist you with this to ensure the fan that is installed is best for your home.

Can You Run A Whole House Fan All Night?

Yes, in fact it is recommended that you run your whole house fan all night, because it takes time to cool your entire home. Having the fan run throughout the night will ensure your property is successfully cooled at a comfortable level.

Guaranteed Quality Products & Labor

You can expect reliable performance from your new whole-house fan system for years to come. Your new QuietCool system will be covered by the manufacturer’s 10-year warranty and our labor guarantee. Our Murrieta electricians will take the time to answer your questions about the system, benefits of whole-house ventilation, and the savings that you may enjoy from your new fan.

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